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 Самый поисковый среди альтернативныхВизуальный поисковик Quintura поборется за звание лучшей альтернативной поисковой системы в 2007 году. Инициатором конкурса является AltSearchEngines.com – самый популярный западный блог о поисковых системах. Там был опубликован список из десяти поисковиков, каждый из которых претендует на звание лучшего в 2007 году.

По словам представителей визуального поисковика, у Quintura.com есть все шансы на победу. Только вот в конкурсе участвует западный аналог визуального поисковика. А вот рунет будет представлять поисковик Dialogus.ru, осуществляющий автоматический поиск прямых ответов на вопросы пользователей. Всего в шорт-листе десять претендентов, среди которых Exalead, KoolTorch, GoshMe, AfterVote, KartOO, Answers, Dialogus и Onkosh - поисковик по арабскому интернету.

В течение ближайших трех недель каждый пользователь интернета может оставить свое мнение в комментариях к шорт-листу, выбрать лучшую, по собственному мнению, систему и, тем самым, проголосовать за один из поисковиков. «Каждая поисковая система по-своему уникальна. Мы просим выразить своё мнение в комментариях к заметке - какой вам больше нравится и почему», - пишет Чарльз Найт (Charles Knight), редактор блога AltSearchEngines.com.

Напомним, в мае этого года Quintura объявлялась продуктом года, согласно журналу PC Magazine/RE.

Vote for Search Engine of the Year

1) Do not forget to describe why you like one of the Top 10, do not just list a name.

2) The Search Engine of the Year will have many sources, and not just this survey. 

On Monday, December 3rd, AltSearchEngines will publish its final Top 100 Alternative Search Engines list for 2007.  Along the way, there have been 10 search engines that have earned the distinction of Search Engine of the Month.  One of these 10 will be named the Search Engine of the Year, 2007.

We want you to have time to carefully check out each one.  Some ask you to request a login and password.  Each one is very different, and excellent in their own way.  When you have an opinion, please write a comment to this post - just listing which one you like the best and telling us why.

There’s not that much time, just three weeks to go!

 Exalead AltSearchEngines (ASE) recently named Exalead as its Search Engine of the Month. Notes the AltSearchEngines editor:  “Exalead offers new tools that allow you to find the information you seek on the Web quicker and better, with many helpful options, excellence in Search, constant improvement and innovation”

 Omgili As opposed to traditional search engines, which search for sites and pages, Omgili finds consumer opinions, debates, discussions, personal experiences, answers and solutions. Most of the questions have already been answered - find the answers through Omgili. Most of the technical problems have been solved - find the solutions through Omgili.

 KoolTorch is making it easier for people to find and use knowledge. KoolTorch provides an eye-pleasing format for easily and quickly viewing large numbers of search results displayed in a useful context. Our unique visualization of search results based on categorization and clustering with large numbers of results on a single page helps to make sense of what a user is searching.

 GoshMe You may not know but there are more than half a million search engines out there on the Internet, with exclusive content and features. GoshMe will be the way to discover them, and even better, the key to know when and how to use them.

 AfterVote has so much stuff that has been done lately.  We released a major update with a UI release.  We have just finalized a major deal with a very large website to have AfterVote be the exclusive search provider. If you haven’t stopped by in a while, check it out.

KartOO is a MetaSearch engine with visual display interfaces. When you click on OK, KartOO launches the query to a set of search engines, gathers the results, compiles them and represents them in a series of interactive maps through a proprietary algorithm.  As soon as you launch a search, Kartoo analyses your request, questions the most relevant engines, selects the best sites and places them on a map.

Answers.com is your free “one-stop shop” with instant information on over 4 million topics.  Look up any word or phrase for the best definition or explanation on the Web. Not lists of links… just the information you’re looking for.  They start with 180 trusted titles from the most prestigious reference publishers, to give you the most comprehensive page available on a given subject.

 Dialogus поисковая машина нового поколения, осуществляет автоматический поиск прямых ответов на вопросы пользователей is a new generation search engine. Dialogus automatically search answers to users questions. Convenience - only answers to questions, no links review. Finding - answers, facts, quotes, ideas, opinions. Time - saving time and attention.  

 Onkosh is the search portal for the Arabic web. Anything in Arabic on the web, we’ve got it. Anything Arabic-related in English or French on the web, we’ve got it. Onkosh understands the Arabic language and utilizes advanced Natural Language Processing techniques to ensure that you receive the best results for your search query.    
يضمن قائمة عريضة من المواقع التي تخص العرب سواء كانت باللغة العربية أو الانجليزية أو الفرنسية. يعتمد أنكش على تقنياتية متقدمة حديثة تضمن الحصول على أفضل النتائج لكلمات البحث محل السؤال من صفحات الانترنت.

While viewing the Quintura Cloud, you can visually navigate and easily refine in order to find relevant information faster and more efficiently!  The Quintura search widget will help you get an instant overview of your site, navigate intuitively through content by just clicking words in the cloud, and get free fast search engine on your site. Forget about dull search boxes and get a new 2.0 experience.

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