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The Trends Top 100.000Разработка внешнего вида книги, компакт диска и интерактивного интерфейса The Trends Top 100.000

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Разработка внешнего вида книги, компакт диска и интерактивного интерфейса.

The Trends Top publications are the most widely consulted sources of financial and economic information in Belgium.

They contain the names (over 344,000) managers and executives. All in all they decide about 95 % of everything that’s purchased or invested in Belgium. They are people who, just like you, need, from time to time, to get hold of information about a firm or an industry and can’t afford to wait.

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Внешний вид книги, и компакт диска

книга и компакт диск

Дополнительная информация

The book
Looking for general information about a company? Just turn to the alphabetic index. Here you will find the company’s name, address, phone and fax numbers, website name, email address, VAT number, the number of managers and executives, salaried employees, and weekly workers.
The book also indicates the company’s position in the general ranking by turnover and the ranking by added value. There is also an indication of the industry in which the company is active.
It doesn’t stop here either!
The industry rankings tell you the turnover, profit and loss for each company, depreciation, net equity, payroll costs, and investments. You can also learn about the added value, liquidity and profitability of the company, and so on.

The Website
The Trends Top 100,000 Website. Buy the book and the CD ROM and you get full access to the Trends Top Website. The site gives you all the most important information about the 100,000 largest companies in Belgium and is updated daily.

All the most important information about the 100,000 leading companies in Belgium on a single disk. The Top 100,000 cd-rom is a flexible and convenient tool for collating, distilling and analyzing information about the companies you are interested in.
The CD gives you the ranking of the 100,000 largest companies in Belgium, as well as their addresses, names of over 344,000 contacts, key financial indicators, and similar. It’s easy to find information about a particular firm. Search the lists by company name, VAT number, or even the name of a senior manager to locate all the relevant information about any particular outfit.
Your own rankings are moreover only a mouse click away. You can compile lists by area, by industry, or by other criteria as well.

Find out
- where your company stands in the rankings
- how you competitors are doing
- how strong your suppliers are
- who could be a new partner
- who the decision makers are in a particular company.
- and so much more

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