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Компания ООО "Фирма "Дюйм" основана в 1990 году и с тех пор приобрела репутацию надежного партнера, как в России, так и за рубежом. Итогом шестнадцатилетней деятельности фирмы стало получение почетного статуса Официальный Туристский Агент Администрации Санкт-Петербурга. Кроме того, компания является действительным членом Российской Ассоциации Туристических Агентств, членом Торгово-Промышленной Палаты Санкт-Петербурга, участвует в Благотворительном Движении "Золотой Пеликан", награждена почетными грамотами за участие в проектах "Welcome to Russian Capitals" и "St. Petersburg 2002".

компания Диуим


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DIUIM is a well established company with offices in St. Petersburg and Moscow, offering every kind of group and individual service, including accommodation at hotels of every level, top class incentive and standard programms, full visa support, etc. A rule of our company is to take an individual approach to every request. All our services are geared to the needs and means of our clients. As an Official Travel Agent of St.Petersburg Government DIUIM can guarantee the highest quality of all the services.

DIUIM is the leading travel company in Russia for both the conventional and specialized markets, with particular emphasis on incentive tourism and special interest groups, as well as on individuals.
We are always ready to satisfy the diverse interests of our clients, from simple matters of accommodation to the organization of highly sophisticated tours. We handle guests in groups of up to 1000 people, mainly coming from the Us, Japan, France, Germany, Spain and Great Britain.
Apart from St. Petersburg, which is our main destination, we are rapidly increasing the number of guests handled in Moscow and other destination in the CIS.

Founded in 1990, DIUIM already has a successful history of arranging reliable groun services for individuals, groups and business travelers in Russia, the Baltic countries, the Ukraine etc. To our guests, we offer accommodation at any level and high quality guide and interpreter services. We also provide transpiration by coach and private car, by train, and by air on regular and chartered flights.
And we are very experienced at organizing big sea and river cruises. DIUIM can make your reservations and book conference facilities, arrange excellent meals in local restaurants, and expertly organize the kind of evening gala event you prefer. And we offer full visa support. Our classic excursions and up-market, tailor-made toes are reasonably priced while maintaining the highest quality service.

Among our past guests have been a considerable number of celebrities, for example Edward Olby, Peter Stein, Vanessa Redgrave, the Princess Gallitzin, and Jonathan Bush, the brother of the former US president, as well aw many other international personalities.

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тел. +7(98I) 7608865

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