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Создание логотипа для компании BizInfoSpace, предоставляющей услуги в области информационных технологий.

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Создание эксклюзивного дизайна логотипа для компании BizInfoSpace

Keywords: e-commerce, ecommerce, business
Net is more than the biggest mall, it is going to become the ground of all business processes, forcing business to be involved with the Internet to stay efficient.
We can help you to put your business online, providing you with multiple e-commerce solutions.
BizInfoSpace has both the experience and personnel sufficient for creation any kind of Business-to-Customer
and Business-to-Business, Internet and Intranet systems.
Web presence can range from simple presentation site to a full-size back-office. Whether you request for
simple internet catalogue with navigation and order placement systems or for real on-line shop with order
proceeding and payment features, completely fitted to your business process, our programming solutions for
your enterprise will be fast, easy to maintain and robust.
Enhance your product value with our applications built into your site:
arrow Building an successful ecommerce site
arrow Implementing an full-scale Interactive Product Catalogue
arrow Providing an Ordering system
arrow Setting Pricing schedules and customer accounts
arrow Attracting customers
arrow Design that looks good, catch the eye but also functional and user-oriented
arrow SES
Our web sites are optimized for search engine exposure
arrow Accessibility
arrow Accepting Payments
arrow Online Ordering
arrow Online payment system
arrow Secure online shopping cart ordering systems
arrow Managing the Ecommerce Business
arrow Virtual Terminals
arrow Advanced Content Management System (CMS)
arrow Secure the site


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